The Société Diderot maintains close ties with the city where Diderot was born, notably with the city’s department of cultural affairs and with the Musée des Lumières. The city of Langres has an active policy of promotion and dissemination of the philosopher-encyclopedist. It also hosts Les Rencontres philosophiques de Langres which organize each year, around October 5th (anniversary of Diderot's birth), a series of conferences and thematic round tables gathering scholars, teachers and enlightened amateurs. The Rencontres philosophiques de Langres also host the symposiums proposed by the National Training Plan (PNF) of the French Ministry of Education for inspectors and teachers of philosophy and other disciplines.

The theme chosen in 2020 was “Language”.

Forum Diderot Langres

Forum Diderot

The Forum Diderot-Langres (law of 1901), created in 2001, aims to promote knowledge of the work of Diderot and the Enlightenment, including their contemporary resonance. It regularly organizes events with the support of the town hall, including the Rencontres philosophiques de Langres.
It will soon host two seminars on “Diderot and education” co-organized by the Société Diderot.

Musées de Langres

Maison des Lumières Denis Diderot

The Maison des Lumières is the only museum in France dedicated to Diderot, a native of Langres. Housed in the Du Breuil de Saint-Germain mansion (16th and 18th centuries) in the center of Langres, this museum presents the life and work of the director of the Encyclopedia, as well as a rich documentation on the Enlightenment movement.