The Société Diderot is a scholarly association pursuant to the law of 1901. It was created in Langres on October 25, 1985 by Jacques and Anne-Marie Chouillet. Its head office is in Langres, Diderot’s birthplace.

The Society

President: Stéphane Pujol 

Vice Presidents: Élise Pavy and Odile Richard-Pauchet

Honorary Presidents: Pierre Chartier and Marie Leca-Tsiomis

Secretary: Linda Gil

Treasurer: Anouchka Vasak

Assistant Treasurer: Gerhardt Stenger

Board Members:

Marianne Albertan-Coppola, Sylviane Albertan-Coppola, Emmanuel Boussuge, Marc Buffat, Franck Cabane, Pierre Chartier, Bernard Collin, Linda Gil, Marie Leca-Tsiomis, Stéphane Lojkine, Irène Passeron, Philippe Pauchet, Élise Pavy-Guilbert, Odile Richard-Pauchet, François Pépin, Stéphane Pujol, Franck Salaün, Gerhardt Stenger, Eric Vanzieleghem, Anouchka Vasak.

The website

Website design: Stéphane Pujol

Webmaster: Marianne Albertan-Coppola

Translation: Mariana Teixeira Marques-Pujol