We recall here the first article of the bylaws of the Société Diderot, founded on October 25, 1985.
These bylaws were voted during the General Assembly of January 29, 1986.

The society known as Société Diderot, founded on October 25, 1985, aims to give the memory of Diderot its local and international dimension, and aims therefore at:

  1. promoting the knowledge of his work through periodic meetings, either in Langres or in other places of choice, notably Paris, Diderot’s second home.
  2. allowing the publication of the most recent research on the life, work, and thought of Diderot, the study of the Encyclopédie and the encyclopedists, the study of the relationship between Diderot and the society of his time, and the questions related to the reception of his work in France and outside France. The spirit of these publications is resolutely multidisciplinary and does not exclude any category of researcher or any research method.

The headquarters of the association is in Langres. It may be transferred to any other place upon proposal of the Board and decision of the General Assembly. The duration of the society is unlimited.

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